Portal Agreement

MyCCPay, officially by the TCI Site Agreement governs the account holders’ usage of the site and service. By utilizing the service, cardholders agree to all of the subsequent conditions. In this official MyCCPay portal agreement, “Account” and “Accounts” refer to that specific account that individuals specify when setting up with the credentials on the official site at MyCCPay.com.

To utilize this service of My CC Pay portal, cardholders will require a computer or mobile device as in this Agreement, the computer, mobile device, and linked devices are collectively introduced identically with a web browser. Also, the requirements include an account number and login data. Account Holders are utilized to access the accounts through this service.

Account Holders who have registered at MyCCPay.com are accountable for the installation, maintenance, and operation of the mobile device, browser, and also the software. TCI is not accountable for errors or malfunctions of the user’s devices like computer, mobile device, browser, or the software. TCI is not accountable for viruses or related issues that may be linked with the usage of this service.

This service enables account holders to send payments to the account that they provided when setting up the login credentials. To utilize this service, cardholders must have an account, which is represented on the central page of the website, and this user’s account will eventually be managed by TCI.

This service may allow account holders to send payments to the user account provided when setting up the MyCCPay Account login credentials in the registration process.

TCI determines what data cardholders can access through these online services. The MyCCPay Login account data accessible online through this service does not supplant the regular cyclical bank statements that bank account holders receive by mail, email, or otherwise.

In this case, account holders should refer to the full monthly statements at MyCCPay.com for comprehensive account specifications and data, inclusive of the necessary data about the rights and responsibilities.