Data Privacy

The services presented on the Total Card, Inc. (TCI) payment portal at the online portal allows cardholders to manage their accounts online by TCI. To get a detailed report about sending and receiving the banking transactions, details and the current balance are all accessible at

In addition to the protection, the My CC Pay online portal provides financial data about the data in accordance with the secrecy management of the issuing bank associated with the account. The MyCCPay wants account holders to understand how the portal treat and protect the data that the online portal may collect from the account holders when they access their registered MyCCPay registered account.

If the cardholder’s registering at the online portal does not agree to the user guide, officially drafted norms as described in the digital privacy policy, relevant ones must stop utilizing the official website directly.
This online portal is for US residents under the official policy, California Consumer Privacy Act. The MyCCPay account holders have the below-mentioned rights.

  • To delete all client personal data that the business has received from the relevant account holder from the MyCCPay servers.
  • Request an organization that collects personal data from consumers to give the consumer the subsequent free of charge.
  • The categories of personal data collected about that consumer.
  • Categories of origins from which personal data is collected.
  • The business or commercial purpose of getting or selling personal data.
  • The categories of third parties with whom the company shares personal data.
  • The specific personal data account holders have gathered about the respective consumer.

Have an organization that sells or shares customers’ personal data for business objectives to provide it to the customer at no charge:

The categories of personal data that the corporation has collected about the consumer will be limited to the official servers of the MyCCPay Login portal.

A designated commissioned delegate can submit a request on our behalf utilizing our online form at the official site